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The Orion HCCA series and Sundown ZV5 series are two of the most prolific subwoofers on the market, boasting clear and powerful sound. HCCA series subwoofers from Orion proved to be the better choice for me.

Available Sizes

Orion HCCA subwoofers come in three sizes, including 10”, 12”, and 15”. On the other hand, the Sundown ZV5 subs are available in 10′′, 12′′, 15′′, 18′′, and 24”, giving you a wide range of choices. This vast lineup allows you to pick the best subwoofer according to your requirements.

The ideal subwoofers for most people are 10- and 12-inch models because they are reasonably priced and capable of producing excellent sound. 15″ subwoofers are a good option if you enjoy playing loud music. The 18” and 24” subwoofers of the ZV5 series are at the higher end of the price spectrum but their performance did not impress me. The two are available in 4-ohm and 2-ohm configurations.

Build Quality

A subwoofer’s construction matters a lot. Many poor-quality subwoofers amplify resonating tones, commonly referred to as booming, or will not precisely replicate the sounds being played.

The HCCA Series features robust construction, power, and dependability. These are built around a high gloss powder-coated sturdy aluminum basket. You can look inside through the mesh vents and see the enormous voice coils in each model, which boast durability.

Subwoofers in the ZV5 series are also well-built. They are made for solid performance down to the voice coils and exterior shells. Every ZV5 subwoofer boasts an aluminum coil foundation. Their unique, and robust aluminum frameworks are made to last a long time while also maximizing heat dissipation.

When it comes to building quality, both the HCCA series subwoofers and the ZV5 series are similar. I could not tell a major difference between the two in terms of durability. They’ll both last a long time and you won’t be disappointed with their build quality.


Orion has provided distinct specifications for each of its models, and each one has an incredible volume output. For example, the HCCA102 10” subwoofer has a peak power output of 2000 Watts. It can generate greater bass with a frequency of 32-100 Hz. These subwoofers are extremely loud and have solid deep bass. They are also great at handling the lows.

The Sundown ZV5 subwoofers have good audio quality as well. I found that the different options in the series excel at lows. However, they aren’t great when it comes to upper bass. As a result, they might not be the best option if you plan to listen to loud music during the ride. Thus, in terms of sound, HCCA Series takes the cake.


One of the most important things I consider when purchasing a subwoofer is its pricing. A good subwoofer will offer decent build quality and optimal sound at a reasonable price.

The Orion HCCA subwoofers are available at a price ranging from $229-$989. On the other hand, the Sundown ZV5 subwoofers are available at a price of $769 to $1440. The entry-level models of the ZV5 lineup are a bit expensive compared to the Orion HCCA so if you don’t want to put a dent in your wallet, choose the ZV5 model; otherwise, an HCCA subwoofer is your best bet.

Final Verdict

In my honest opinion, the Orion HCCA subwoofers are better than the ZV5 series. The sound quality combined with reasonable pricing makes them the clear winner here. Therefore, I would recommend you go for Orion HCCA subwoofers.

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