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The Rockville K9 Series and the Skar Audio ZVXV2 Series both feature great subwoofers. Both feature high-quality materials and have solid builds. They also come in a variety of sizes and models which allows for a great choice. However, the Rockville K9 Series is the winner here by far. Let’s look at why.

Available Sizes

The Rockville K9 Series is available in 6.5-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch models. Each model is available in 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm variants. The subwoofers come in a range of progressive RMS power ratings ranging from 250W-1400W.

The Skar Audio ZVXV2 Series is available in 8-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch models. There is only one variant of each model. The series comes in a range of progressive RMS power ratings ranging from 900W-1600W. Each model features 2 variants of Dual 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm subwoofers.

The clear winner in this category with regards to choice and range of features is definitely Rockville. It simply has more models overall.


Rockville K9 Version 2 vs V1 video review.

Skar Audio ZVXV2 on the test!

Build Quality

Both subwoofer series has been constructed with premium materials and precise design.
The Rockville K9 Series includes 2-inch 4-layer ASV voice coils consisting of OFC wire. The coils are rated for high temperatures as high as 180 C. The baskets are made of aluminum with a black sanded finish. This combination of materials renders the subwoofer series lightweight and efficient.

The Rockville K9 Series also consists of 2 chrome plated binding post terminals, rated for any gauge wire. The terminals are also oxidation resistant. The subwoofers also include a poly cotton spider with good elasticity and an ultra-stiff polypropylene dust cap.

Finally, the cones in the Rockville K9 Series subwoofers are made to be “ultra-stiff”. The company claims they are thicker and stronger than the cones in competing subwoofers on the market. This is why they’re able to “handle more power”.

The Skar Audio ZVXV2 series includes 2.5-inch to 3.0-inch diameter, high-temperature voice coils. The subwoofers also contain a “massive triple slug magnet” to deliver the crisp lows in your music collection. They also claim to have a high-roll foam surround and a competition-grade paper cone for 3D sound.

Skar Audio ZVXV2 subwoofers also feature a powerful 156 oz triple-stack ferrite motor. This motor, combined with the paper cone and high-roll foam can deliver incredible sound.

Both subwoofer series are neck and neck here. Their build quality is rated to handle high RMS power ratings. However, both subwoofer series are rated for very high peak power handling.
The highest-end Rockville K9 Series subwoofers can handle 5600W of power at their peak. At the same time, the peak power handling of the Skar Audio Series maxes out at 3200W.

While this is a big difference, in peak power, know that most premium subwoofers have maximum RMS ratings of 2000W.


In terms of sheer RMS power ratings, there is not a very significant difference between the two series. Both deliver loud and clear sounds and have beefy internals to ensure that the smallest of sounds are clearly amplified.

Both the Rockville K9 Series and Skar Audio ZVXV2 Series feature 4-layer voice coils which are rated for high temperatures. Both feature stiff cones to withstand loud sounds.

There is also very little difference between their efficiency/sensitivity ratings. The lowest-end subwoofers for Skar Audio have a sensitivity rating of 80.4 dB. Their counterparts in Rockville carry a sensitivity rating of 82.1 dB. The highest-end subwoofers for Skar Audio have a sensitivity rating of 87.4 dB. Their counterparts in Rockville carry a sensitivity rating of 87.9 dB.

The Rockville K9 series features a dual 4-Ohm and 2-Ohm variant for each model. However, the Skar Audio series features dual 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm variants for each model. Hence, it stands to reason you can choose what sounds better in your car from either series.

Here, again, there seems to be a tie since both series of subwoofers provide clear sound and impressive specs.


Subwoofer Sizes

Skar Audio ZVXV2 Series

Rockville K9 Series



















As you can see from the chart above (prices at the time of publishing), the Rockville K9 Series absolutely demolishes the Skar Audio ZVXV2 series. When comparing prices there is no contest between the sheer value for money that Rockville delivers.

Even if you take into account all the specifications, construction materials, design, and sheer power, Rockville takes the crown.

The fact is that Skar Audio’s price for what they’re delivering is extremely steep. Rockville delivers the same, and arguably more, in a greater range, and at a price approximately half that of Skar Audio.

If there is one clear difference that warrants paying more for Skar Audio, it is their warranty. Skar Audio offers a 2-year limited warranty which offers protection from defects in the product. This warranty applies if you purchase from any Skar Audio franchise or from any authorized reseller.

In comparison, Rockville K9 only offers a 90-day money-back guarantee which is valid for any damages, defects, etc.

So, if you’re willing to pay almost double for 2-years of peace of mind, then the Skar Audio purchase makes sense. Otherwise, the Rockville K9 series is the clear winner.

Final Verdict

Looking at all the specifications, sound quality, and prices, the clear winner is Rockville. Since both series of subwoofers have comparable internals, beefy specifications, and solid builds, only price sets them apart. There is no question that if the price was no object, this would be a very tough fight. However, affordability and value for money are increasingly important metrics.

At the moment, inflation around the world is at an all-time high. There’s no ignoring the fact that cheaper, high-quality products are more attractive today than they were before. If you can get the same result at half the price, there’s no way you’re going to pass on that deal.

So, the winner is Rockville K9.

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