Why JVC Car Stereo Buttons Are Not Working?

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The ribbon cable connecting the panel with the mainboard can come loose that can make the buttons of a JVC stereo nonfunctional. In some models, an individual stuck switch of any individual button can also affect the other buttons of the unit.

Sometimes car stereos develop those “seemingly” trivial issues that don’t affect their core performance. Nonetheless, they still make it a lot of hassle to use the head unit. Case in point: A JVC car stereo with its buttons not working. If it is an old stereo without a remote or a lost one, the fault in buttons will virtually render the head unit useless.

If you own a JVC that is working perfectly fine otherwise but has developed some issues with its front panel buttons, it can be due to these reasons.

  • The connecting ribbon coming loose
  • A stuck individual switch

The Connecting Ribbon Coming Loose

The front panel of JVC stereos is connected to the mainboard through a ribbon cable. With use and regular wear and tear, this cable often comes loose. You have to remove the faceplate to see if the ribbon cable is not connected properly between the board and the panel.

A Stuck Individual Switch

Sometimes a single stuck button can lead to the working failure of other buttons on the head unit. In light of this observation, you need to hit every button to see if its backend switch is stuck or not. JVC stereo units use tactile switches for their button panels. Therefore, when you hit a button, it should make a “click” sound if it is not stuck and working fine.

If you come across a button that doesn’t make a click sound, you should open the panel and replace its switch. The buttons of your JVC car stereo are likely to become functional again after this replacement.

If you can’t identify why the buttons of your JVC stereo are not working, try to reset the unit and see if that helps.