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Hertz was first founded by an Italian consumer auto products manufacturer in 1998, in order to exclusively produce high-quality automobile audio solutions such as speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, etc.

Hertz has been making innovative and cutting-edge products since then and they offer complete audio solutions for both novices as well as experts.

Recommended Hertz Car Speakers

ImageHertz car speakersRMS PowerPeak PowerSize
HERTZ Cento Series CX165 6.5'...
6.5" Pick

Check Price
70W210W6.5 inches
HERTZ Mille Pro Series...
6.5" Top Notch

Check Price
100W200W6.5 inches
HERTZ UNO Series X-165 6.5'...
6.5" Budget

Check Price
55W220W6.5 inches
HERTZ Cento Series CK-165 6.5'...
6.5" Component

Check Price
95W285W6.5 inches
HERTZ Cento Series CX690 6x9...
6x9" Pick

Check Price
100W300W6x9 inches
HERTZ UNO Series X-690 6x9...
6x9" Budget

Check Price
85W340W6x9 inches
HERTZ Cento Pro Series CPX-690...
6x9" Top Notch

Check Price
120W360W6x9 inches
HERTZ UNO Series X-130 5.25'...
5.25" Pick

Check Price
40W160W5 1/4 inches

6.5-inches Picks

Our Pick

Hertz CX 165

Power per Speaker: 210W (peak), 70W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 55 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity: 93 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2.5”

Hertz CX 165 offers great overall sound as compared to almost every stock pair of speakers. Hertz has developed this high-performance pair of coaxials by using patented technology. Unlike other speakers of the same size and price tag, Hertz CX 165 doesn’t feature a regular polymer tweeter dome.

Instead, it features a tweeter made of Hertz’s propriety material called Tetolon. This material is designed by the Hertz R&D team to create something that can deliver more musical details as compared to regular plastic tweeter domes.

Tetolon tweeter in Hertz CX 165 manages to offer an improved listening experience because it produces greater dispersion than other tweeters with the same diameter. We also like this 6.5” speaker set for its equally good treatment of low-end frequencies— thanks to its semi-pressed paper woofer cone enhanced with mica powder.

Top Notch

Hertz MPX 165.3

Power per Speaker: 200W (peak), 100W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 45 Hz – 21 kHz
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2.562”

No matter what are your stereo preferences, you will acknowledge Hertz MPX 165.3 as one powerhouse of a speaker. Apart from its high power handling (up to 100W RMS), what makes this Hertz speaker so intimidating with its sound is its concentric construction of tweeter and woofer.

The concentric configuration enables the speaker to operate with a single linear-phase emission point. In simple terms, you get to hear detailed audio with the complete sound stage from Hertz MPX 165.3. This staging turns your stereo experience into a virtual music performance with high power handling of the speaker.

The other impressive bit about Hertz MPX 165.3 is its “Boundary Free” rubber surround. It makes sure that the high power and loud music is processed through the speaker with optimal efficiency. The low-carbon content iron plates used with the over-sized ferrite magnet of Hertz MPX 165.3 also guarantee low distortion at high power levels.


Hertz X 165

Power per Speaker: 220W (peak), 55W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 21 kHz
Sensitivity: 93.5 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2.5”

If you are looking for something that is an improvement on your factory-fitted setup and also falls easy on the eyes, consider getting Hertz X 165. This 6.5” speaker strikes a perfect balance between substance and style.

For starters, it features a powerful high-flux 80mm magnetic to provide accurate sound with no distortions. Its neodymium tweeter with PEI dome ensures that you can listen to the high ends of your tracks with all the sound details.

Its faceplate is designed to enable the speaker for putting up great off-axis performance too. Meanwhile, the 25mm woofer with pure voice coil makes low-end reverberations sync with the rest of the sound to give a powerful stereo experience.

We also like this speaker for its stunning metallic-gray finished pressed paper cone. It is not just visually appealing but also highly stiff and water-repellent.

Also Great

Hertz DCX 165.3

If you want a 6.5″ Hertz speaker coupled with a neodymium magnet driving assembly for a reasonable price, then this is the perfect thing for you.

The sound is obviously lacking, but not in terms of quality as much as it is lacking in terms of quantity. Meaning that the little speaker unit’s tiny 60W RMS power handling really hurts it when it comes to generating deep, loud sounds.

But as long as used in a smaller car you will be just fine as it will function reliably and generate super crisp sound without any annoying distortions.

On top of that, it is too easy to install. Literally, just unscrew your default coaxial speaker and wire up this little guy, then screw it in. Ready to go!

Just make sure your car’s amplifier meets the 60W RMS supply rating, or you might want to get one amplifier for yourself.

Component Pick

Hertz Cento CK 165

Power per Speaker: 285W (peak), 95W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 55 – 22,5k
Sensitivity: 93.5 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2 1/2”

If you are purchasing this to experience the mind-numbing thumps of a jacked-out subwoofer configuration then you will be thoroughly disappointed because the ultra-low frequency range performance is sort of okay.

However, the tweeter on this set of Hertz component speakers is definitely unlike anything else you will ever hear at this price range.

The high tones and shrill notes are crystal clear and are highly audible even in a larger vehicle running at high speeds on a highway with the wind blowing all over the cabin.

That is because of the 95W RMS power rating on its speakers, coupled with an amazing 25mm neodymium tweeter and a 165mm woofer.

Component Runner-Up

Hertz ESK 165.5

With an RMS of 300W, this component speaker setup will have you wondering as to whether you should buy it or not despite its amazing build quality.

If you buy it, you will need to attach a good amplifier to it in order to fully utilize the potential of that subwoofer, because it has a really low power rating and you need to pump some serious wattage into that thing to get it going.

However, once it begins pumping out bass at full volume there are few car audio systems that can directly compete with it at this price range, so you are going to be one happy customer knowing that your extra investments actually paid off.

The crossovers switch from low pass to high pass at about 3 kHz and 6-12dB, and a unique V-cone design allows for crisper mid to high-frequency performance along with better off-axis performance that allows you to hear great sound no matter how you are positioned with respect to the speakers themselves.

Component Budget

Hertz K165

Power per Speaker: 300W (peak), 75W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 55 Hz – 23 kHz
Sensitivity: 93.5 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2.5”

If you prefer component speakers over coaxials, you can consider Hertz K165 to upgrade your car stereo system. This component system comes with a 6.5” woofer and 24mm tweeter. This compact tweeter features a strong magnet with a robust PEI dome to reproduce high frequencies with the best possible quality.

This integrated tweeter with integrated crossovers also features an annular acoustic lens that helps in improving the speaker’s off-axis output for better stereo imaging. On the other hand, the woofer of Hertz K165 features a high-flux density ferrite magnet that ensures good power handling without distortions.

The pressed-paper cone along with foam surround ensures that you can turn up the volume to the max without any compromise on the whole (base + treble) quality of the incoming sound.

Component Budget

Hertz DSK 165.3

Just 80W of RMS power is all your little new speaker set gets to play with, so don’t expect to hear loud volumes or high sound output.

However, a system does not need to be loud to establish itself as a good-sounding speaker system if it can accomplish the task at half the volume.

The Dieci Series component system proves that principle with crisp, non-distorted audio for the music of any genre and can accurately reproduce the highest as well as lowest of frequencies without breaking a sweat, a feat that most cheap car audio systems don’t even try to achieve.

For such a low price you are getting a 2-way speaker and tweeter system with a 320W RMS power rating per set, and 160W on each side. Frequency response is incredibly tight at 50Hz to 23 kHz, meaning it can easily handle the extreme lows as well as the shrill and high-pitched uppers.

6×9-inches Picks

Our Pick

Hertz Cento CX 690

Power per Speaker: 300W (peak), 100W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 23 kHz
Sensitivity: 93.5 dB
Top Mount Depth: 3.125”

If you are looking for Hertz 6×9-inch speakers for your car audio experience, consider Hertz Cento CX 690. This is also a 3-way speaker (tweeter, super-tweeter, and woofer) that can create loud and top-quality sound with its 100W RMS power handling.

Like other multi-tweeter Hertz speakers, this one also boasts superior dispersion to let you fully enjoy the high-range frequencies. The securely mounted woofer cone with tight mounting also gives Hertz Cento CX 690 a better damping attribute.

With greater damping comes a sound with minimized resonance and minimal distortion. In short, you can hear the crisp high-fidelity sound from this premium Hertz speaker.


Hertz X 690

Power per Speaker: 340W (peak), 85W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 45 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity: 94 dB
Top Mount Depth: 3.06”

This Hertz Uno Series coaxial speaker is a gift for true treble fans. This integrated speaker doesn’t just feature a single tweeter. Apart from its main 40mm tweeter featuring ferrite magnet and PEI dome, it boasts a pair of super-tweeters. Each of these super-tweeters is a 15mm piezoelectric piece with a PEI dome.

With this comprehensive tweeter integration, Hertz X 690 offers arguably the best treatment of high and mid-range frequencies among its peers. All three tweeters have optimized faceplates that ensure good off-axis sound production for creating an impressive sound stage.

Hertz X 690‘s cone features an 80mm ferrite magnet that can handle high power and offer you distortion-free sound with the decent treatment of the low-end frequencies. The cone is finished with highly stiff matt gray pressed paper with water-repellent properties— also making this powerful speaker a durable sound device.

Top Notch

Hertz CPX 690 PRO

Power per Speaker: 360W (peak), 120W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 24 kHz
Sensitivity: 94 dB
Top Mount Depth: 3.375”

This Hertz coax speaker is another top option for the rear deck mount. Hertz CPX 690 has the power handling that can do justice with your aftermarket amp. With peak power handling of 360W, Hertz CPX 690 boast the RMS operations of 120W, making it one of the most powerful speakers on the list.

Like X 690, this Hertz speaker also features more than one tweeter. Both tweeter (32mm) and super-tweeter (24mm) feature neodymium magnets with a Tetolon dome to create more detailed mid-high frequencies.

The other standout feature of this speaker is its radial venting system. Hertz has introduced radial ventilation in Hertz CPX 690 to ensure it doesn’t overheat while putting on exceptional acoustic performance.

Top Notch

Hertz MPX 690.3 Mille PRO

While theres’ no doubt that this isn’t an extremely affordable Hertz 6″x9″ unit, the part about it that really hits hard is the 130W RMS power rating of each speaker in the 3-way configuration, along with a sensitivity level of 94dB.

Most 3-way coaxials sound much better than a regular 2 way coaxial because there is a whole new speaker dedicated to handling the medium tones.

On this Hertz speaker, however, with a frequency response of 30-24,000 Hz, there is no way that you can outdo the frequency range with a similarly priced or cheaper coaxial speaker.

To hit any lower frequency you would need dedicated bass machines that simply cost too much for the average casual consumer who just wishes to upgrade his car’s default audio.


Hertz DCX 690.3

Power per Speaker: 180W (peak), 90W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 45 – 21k Hz
Sensitivity: 93 dB
Top Mount Depth: 3 1/8”

While this particular budget 6×9″ speaker does come with a 3-way speaker setup in a coaxial configuration, at this price we were not expecting any chest-thumping sound output.

With a power rating(RMS) of just 90W, this speaker setup disappoints in terms of raw volume and bass output, but scores well for the deliverance of crisp and non-distorted audio, thanks to those powerful driver magnets, and that ultra-light paper dome tweeter which responded well to an electric signal shot into it.

5.25-inches Picks

Our Pick

Hertz X 130

Power per Speaker: 160W (peak), 40W (RMS)
Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 21 kHz
Sensitivity: 93 dB
Top Mount Depth: 2.125”

If you just want a decent replacement for 5.25” car door speakers or even small rear deck stock speakers, consider this Hertz coaxial. Hertz X 130 is a simple speaker with a specially-designed tweeter.

Unlike the tweeter of your factory-fitted speaker, Hertz X 130’s tweeter features a faceplate optimized for creating a better sound stage by producing better off-axis output.

Hertz X 130 is rated for 40W RMS handling and precisely delivers it under all sorts of operating conditions— thanks to its voice coil driven by a high-flux density ferrite magnet. The pressed-paper cone with foam surround enables the speaker to create loud sound without distortion and getting warped.

The other great bit about this speaker is its easy installation. Since Hertz has designed it as a replacement speaker, Hertz X 130 is easy to install with its din-size basket and abrasion-resistant dust paint.

Also Great

Hertz DCX 130.3

This is a two-way speaker with a total wattage of 80W, meaning that each side gets an effective 40 RMS wattage, meaning no load thump-thump for all your bass heads, but that is something we have come to expect from smaller and cheaper component speaker setups.

But this one delivers big in all other areas, especially portability and compactness. The bass driver may be small at just 5.25″ but it still delivers great-sounding bass in smaller vehicles such as hatchbacks and subcompacts.

The speakers operate between 65Hz to 21KHz, meaning the absolute bottom frequency is slightly higher on this one, and deep low rumbles will not sound as good as they do on a larger subwoofer in a bigger audio system.

But for a system this small and affordable, the DCX 130.3 gets the job done just fine.

Hertz Speaker Series

Mille series

Their Mille series features the very best Hertz has to offer in terms of sound quality and design. Mile speakers are available as components, coaxials, systems, or subwoofers.

Hi-Energy Series

Then you have the Hi-Energy series which is designed to provide powerful audio across multiple platforms such as cars, vans, trucks, etc.

The Hertz Hi-Energy series too contains component speakers, subs, coaxials, and systems. Then there is the Energy series, designed with the concept of creating efficient, compact, and affordable designs for the everyday customer.

The Energy series is a perfect option for upgrading your OEM sound system, as it is both easy to install as well as highly versatile. Hertz speakers for each of these series come in various power and driver configurations.

Dieci Series

There is also the brand new Diec series which is designed to take a brand new approach towards designing car audio. It delivers uncompromising sound performance from any angle of listening, thanks to the revolutionary design techniques of Hertz. You can install the Dieci anywhere in your car and enjoy the same amazing sound. You will feel like the sound waves are not coming from where the speaker is located, rather from a different direction.

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