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Infinity is also quite popular for its aftermarket car speakers due to their better form and function than corresponding stock options. They boast great stereo performance and also have better designs and finishing than many factory-fitted speakers.

In this post, we will briefly review those top-of-the-line aftermarket Infinity car speakers. We will cover all three Infinity car speaker series here, i.e., Reference, Kappa, and Primus.

We hope this guide will help you when you have to compare various brands for your aftermarket car speaker requirements.

Infinity Reference Series

Infinity REF-6530CX Reference...

Reference series is the most assorted series of Infinity car speakers. Here you can find speakers for almost all sizes and configurations. From coaxials to components and shallow mount models, the Reference series has every option you might want to look for in aftermarket car speakers.

Component and Coaxial Ratio

Although Reference offers both these configurations, we think there is not enough variety of Reference component speakers. You only have two Infinity Reference component options to pick from and that too just for 6-1/2” or 5-1/4” fittings.

In contrast, the series boasts a good variety of coaxial speakers. You find Reference coaxial speakers in all common sizes. Reference coaxial models further branch out into 2-way, three-way, and shallow-mount configurations.

Component options

Coaxial options


Reference Series is the signature car speaker product line of Infinity. Therefore, you will find every size in this product range that any car owner might need for their vehicle. Starting from standard 6-1/2” and 6” x 9” speaker sizes, you can also find 6” x 8” and 5-1/4” speaker sizes in the Reference series.

We are also impressed by how Reference offers some sizes that are hard to find in many other top car speaker brands. For instance, you can also get Infinity Reference coaxial speakers in 4” x 6” and 4” sizes.


With its variety of sizes, the Reference series also offers a range with output power ratings. Overall, their power ratings justify their aftermarket status. For instance, Reference 4032CFX is a 4” coaxial. However, it offers an RMS output of 35W, which is equal to the output of many 6” x 9” stock options. Even with large Reference speakers, you get the power ratings that will certainly be an upgrade on your existing stock speakers.


The reliability and good power of Infinity car speakers come at hefty price tags. The big and powerful component and coaxial Reference speakers linger around $150-200. Even the smaller ones are in the range of $70-100.

Design & Appearance

The Reference series predominantly boasts a round shape. There are certainly some oval options as well. Like most car speakers, they have black finishing. However, what makes them stand out is the copper finishing in the middle and edges of the speakers.

Infinity Kappa Series

Infinity KAPPA-93IX KAPPA 6x9...

Most car owners don’t want to get into the hassle of installing component speakers to improve their stereo experience. They just want a simple coaxial replacement for their existing speakers to upgrade their audio. Infinity has rolled out its Kappa series for all those users.

Coaxial options


Kappa Series have speaker sizes that are mainly used for replacements of front and rear stock installations. They are available in 6-1/2″, 6” x 9”, 6” x 8”, 4” x 6”, and 2″ sizes.


Like Reference Series models, Kappa also offers some powerful replacements of stock options. For instance, Infinity Kappa 93IX is a 6” x 9” coaxial model that can generate an RMS of 110W with a peak power of 330W. It has double the power of most stock speakers with the same dimensions. Similarly, Kappa 64CFX is one of the most powerful coaxial options among 4” x 6” car speaker models.


Like Reference speakers, Kappa ones also boast expensive price tags. Everything available in this speaker series lies at price points north of $100.

Design & Appearance

Infinity Kappa speakers are available in both round and oval frames. The oval ones are more popular because they are compatible with many stock mounting spaces. Like Reference models, Kappa speakers also sport the combo of black and copper, making them easy on the eyes. In other words, Kappa speakers are not just performance upgrades. They are also a visual improvement on most stock speakers.

Infinity Primus Series

Infinity PR5012IS Primus 5.25...

Primus is a special edition Infinity car speaker series with very limited options (only two coaxial models). What makes the Primus series stand out among the Reference and Kappa series is the use of patented technology in its making. Infinity has developed propriety Plus One polypropylene woofers for Primus speakers.

They boast a greater radiating cone area that guarantees better dispersion of high frequencies even when the speaker is delivering big bass. In other words, Primus speaker lets you have a wholesome stereo experience where you don’t have to compromise on treble for bass or vice versa.

Coaxial options


For now, Infinity Primus speakers are only available in 6-1/2” and 5-1/4” sizes. Both of them feature a two-way coaxial configuration. We believe that Infinity will roll out more sizes as this series with propriety components will get more traction among users.


Since Primus speakers are more about maintaining a balance between high and low frequencies, they are not that great with their power outputs, particularly in comparison to the Reference and Kappa series. Primus 6512IS, despite being a 6-1/2” aftermarket coaxial only offers 55W RMS with a peak power rating of 165W.


Like other Infinity speakers, Primus speakers are also midrange options. The existing two Infinity Primus speakers are available for around $80.

Design & Appearance

Primus models also boast black and copper signature color combinations of Infinity car speakers.

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