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How to wire line output converter?

A line-out converter (LOC) can be installed by attaching the wires from the car head unit to the LOC and then to the amp. The main thing is to prepare a wiring diagram for both LOC and car radio – you can usually find it in the products manual.

Things You Will Need

You will need the following things to install a line output converter (see our picks):

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  • A line output coverter
  • Screwdrivers
  • Solder
  • Panel removal tools
  • Wire strippers
  • Voltmeter
  • Electrical tape
  • Additional wire (if necessary)

The Steps

How to Install a Line Output Converter DIAGRAM

Detach the Negative Battery Terminal

Start by removing the negative battery terminal whenever you are ready to begin. By helping you avoid electrical issues like blown fuses and shorts, this step will keep you and your gear safe.

Uninstall the Factory Head Unit

The next step will be uninstalling the head unit to find the wire that connects to the line output converter. To pull it loose, carefully remove the relevant panels and bolts/screws according to your vehicle’s instructions (online or in the handbook).

Examine the Output Wiring of Your Stereo

You need to examine your stereo output wiring to figure out where to attach your cables. Before moving on to the next step, check your stereo’s wiring schematic.

You should also acquaint yourself with your chosen line output converter’s wiring or connection schematics and guidelines. Find the wiring diagram in LOC’s manual.

Make Appropriate Connection After Stripping Wires

Start stripping each wire on the LOC and the stereo wiring that will be attached (cut about an inch from each). Make the necessary connections, such as frontal left to the front left, frontal right to front right, and so on.

To finish, use solder and wire crimpers. Apply electrical tape to the connection and continue until all wires are properly attached. Finally, connect the RCA wires to the line output converter before running and connecting them to the amp. If you are utilizing remote wiring, you will need to connect it to the amp now.

Test the System and Finish Installation

Test your new amp now that you have finished setting up all of the wirings. Hook up your battery and switch on the stereo to check that the amp, stereo, and speakers are all functioning properly.

If any adjustments are needed, make them and complete your installation. Reinstall the stereo after cleaning up the wiring and securing the line output converter.

Installing a new radio in a car with a separate factory amp may also necessitate the installation of line output converters. To make the new high-powered audio work with the factory amp, they are utilized in combination with vehicle-specific wiring adapters.

Only a flawless line-out converter installation can offer the rich, clear audio to your stereo system that you desire.

Regardless of the reason for performing installation, installing a line output converter in a car is quite simple for those who are familiar with the aforementioned methods. You may also refer to the step-by-step tutorial from an expert installer in the video link above.


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