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The AudioControl LC2i stood out and took the trophy for the best two-channel line out converter among our tested products. From functionality to user-friendliness, it excels far beyond competitors. The three knobs on the device allow you greater control over the system than most other LOC’s.

Depending on your requirements, you may need a specific number of RCA outputs on the line output converter. To connect an amplifier, usually, you can make do with two ports. However, if you need more, some devices make provision for it. Our best pick and the budget options available for each number of channels present on the LOC are underlisted.

Line Out Converters We Recommend

2-Channel Pick

AudioControl LC2i 2-Channel Line Out Converter

AudioControl is a reputable brand and has been catering to customers by providing quality stereo products. Their LC2i is a two-channel line output converter and is popular among people who have upgraded their car’s factory sound system.

It doesn’t lack features either, and you are unlikely to have problems setting it up. The three knobs on the product have different functions to give your sound the highest quality.

The first knob, labeled as AccuBass, is present to make up for any bass attenuations your car might have.

Most low-priced vehicles come with average speakers, and manufacturers lessen the bass as you raise the volume to prevent damage to the speaker. The RCA wires feed your LOC with these weakened signals.

The AccuBass counters lessened bass signals, ensuring you get the most out of your speakers.

The other two knobs on the product allow you to control the signal output on both the main and the bass channels.

The LC2i has a port to connect a bass control knob. You can purchase one separately from AudioControl and attach it next to your volume and radio controls. This add-on will allow you to control the bass at will.

Budget 2-Channel

Kicker 46KISLOC2

If you are on a budget or simply don’t require as many features in your line output converter, the Kicker 46KISLOC2 is the best available option.

The line out converter is minimal, and the product itself doesn’t have many buttons or knobs that you might need to optimize. Simply connect the speaker wires to the Kicker LOC and the amplifier through the RCA cables, and you’re good to go.

It is a passive line out converter, so it does not require an external power source. The device uses the signals it receives to turn the high speaker output signal into a preamp RCA signal.

The speaker channels have the capacity to take an input of up to 50 watts and reduce it to an output of 8 volts.

Its small size makes it easier to install in a location where you can tuck it out of sight. Kickers 46KISLOC2 won’t require a large area to set up and can be assembled underneath the car seats or in the boot.

Budget 2-Channel

Scosche LOC90

You don’t always have to empty your pockets to invest in a decent sound system. The Scosche LOC90 is one such product that makes this possible. This line output converter comes with all the key features of a LOC for just a few bucks.

The Scosche LOC90 is light and small in size, and you won’t have trouble finding a spot to fit it in. The wires emerging from the converter are different colors, each representing a unique type of wire.

This feature makes it easy to tap them into appropriate speaker wires and not waste time scratching your head trying to find suitable matches.

The right and left channels can be adjusted using the knobs present on the device. These are present in small cavities, making it impossible to turn either of them on accident. You will need a small screwdriver to make adjustments.

Something you won’t see in products from other manufacturers is an added bass knob control. Users usually have to buy this separately, but in the case of Scosche, it comes with the line converter.

It has an extensive wire that can easily travel from any location in your car to the center console. Using the double-sided tape provided, you can fix the knob where you see fit and control the bass level for your music whenever you like.

Also Great


While not as well-known as other LOC’s listed, the JL Audio is also a great option to add an aftermarket amplifier or subwoofer to your car.

While not as budget-friendly as most other line output converter, JL Audio has all the features of its competitors and then some.

Unlike many other LOC’s, the JL Audio allows you to provide an input of up to 20 kilo-ohms. An integrated button will enable you to set the input load going into the LOC.

JL Audio provides a connecter instead of using an electric tape to connect speaker wires with the device. You simply need to insert the cables in appropriate spots on the connector and tighten the screws. The connector then seamlessly fits into the opening on the LOC.

The JL Audio LoC-22 is an active line output converter and requires external power to function. A similar process includes adding the wires for power to the attached connector.

4-Channel Pick

vtech Link 4 line out converter

If the two-channel line output converters don’t meet your needs, the Wavtech Link 4 has four inputs and four outputs channels.

However, it isn’t like any other four-channel LOC, as you can input two channels and get an output of four channels. On the other hand, if you have four input channels, you can broil these down to an output of two channels.

Another factor that makes it unique is the capability to be connected to a phone using an auxiliary cord. It also comes with source control that lets you increase or decrease the signals sent to the subwoofer at a single touch.

Budget 4-Channel

Rockford RFHLC4 

A 4-channel amplifier will ordinarily need you to make a costly purchase of a suitable line output converter. However, Rockford is an exception. It lets you turn your high speaker signals into low-level RCA inputs at a relatively low price.

The device itself is pretty sparse, there are four RCA outputs with one input for speaker wires, and that’s about it.

Functionality-wise, Rockford isn’t jaw-droppingly good but does the job. It turns your high-level speaker inputs into amplifier-friendly, low-level outputs, which is enough for most users.

Getting it working and integrated with your amplifier is straightforward. The labels on the device are clear on which ports are for what wires. The speaker cables go in the dedicated port, and the RCA outputs lead wires to the amplifier itself.

It has a small but attractive design and can be put away in any narrow location within your car. If your vehicle has a small boot and you’re installing the amplifier in the front, hiding the line out converter away won’t be too much of a challenge.

5-Channel Pick

DS18 V5HL 5

The DS18 is the best five-channel line out converter available in the market. The price is reasonable and worth investing in for the device’s functions. The connector comes with LED indicators which make it effortless to adjust gain and have the highest sound quality playing.

It accepts an input of up to 50 watts and outputs a low RCA signal of 4V. The distortion levels are minimal, with the signals being output more significant than the 95 decibels of noise.

To install the converter in your car’s sound system, you will need to order two sets of 9-conductor wires separately. A 2-RCA and a 4-RCA cable will also be required to connect the LOC to your amplifier.

To get the device to stay in place and not move around in your car, the manufacturers provide screws in the package. You can use these to lock the line out converter to your car and have it secured. You can adjust the signal going through each input using any screwdriver at hand. Simply turn the screws present above the input ports towards the desired direction until it is at the point you want.

6-Channel Pick

AudiControl LC6i

AudioControl has the widest range of line out converters, so it comes as no surprise that both their two-channel and six-channel LOC’s are the best out there.

The LC6i accepts up to 400 watts of input, more than most line output converters. It has three knobs, each to control the output level from each port.

You can also use the LC6i as a splitter and turn a four-channel input into a six-channel output.

Four LED lights are present, two of which indicate whether you have connected the output ports to the main channel. The other two include a power LED and another to specify if output levels are at their maximum level.

Like all AudioControl products, the LC6i comes with connectors. You are required to attach the speaker and other required wires to these. Doing this ensures there aren’t any loose wires and everything is well-packed.

8-Channel Pick

AudioControl LC8i

AudioControllwe takes the lead with the best eight-channel line output converter as well.
It comes with four input ports and eight different RCA outputs. The LC8i is an active LOC, so it comes with a greater number of features than its passive counterparts.

Active LOC’s also help make up for any bass roll-off the manufacturers might have to protect the factory speakers. You can ensure your sound is of the highest quality and no bass signals are lost.

It has an Auxiliary input allowing users to connect their phones or other audio devices directly to the out converter.

The LC8i has GTO functionality, making it automatically turn on when it senses signals from the speakers. This feature eliminates the need for an extra wire that only serves to make the device turn on.


What does a line output converter do?

Most aftermarket amplifiers don’t accept high-level signals which directly come from your car’s factory speakers. A line output converter aims to fix this by turning the high-level signal into low RCA level outputs that amplifiers accept. Some LOCs even help reverse the bass roll-off most car manufacturers implement in their vehicle’s sound systems.

Does a line output converter need to be grounded?

Yes, to be absolutely safe and avoid any possibilities of a short circuit, you must ground all external devices you add to your vehicle stereo. The line output converter is no exception, and most manufacturers add a dedicated port for a ground wire to be attached. You can run this wire to the negative terminal of your vehicle’s battery to send any unwanted current back to the source.

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