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In our opinion, the piece of gear that takes the podium as the best bass processor is the AudioControl Epicenter. This is because the algorithm and para-bass controls are the most accurate and the overall sound is as pristine as it is punchy and rich.

Although our first option, we’ve made a list with runners-up, budget choices, and much more. So, read on and make an informed decision to enjoy those low frequencies on the move pumping harder than ever.

Recommended Restoration & Reconstruction Processors

Our Pick

The Epicenter by AudioControl Bass Booster & Restoration

There is nowhere to run or hide for the low frequencies once you’ve installed the AudioControl Epicenter to your system. This is because the company’s patented technology is capable of tracing the original frequency based on the harmonics it can find in higher registers of the frequency range.

Based on them, this powerful and smart unit can build a perfect image of the original and add it to the mix. Moreover, you also get a remote control so you can dial in exactly what you need in that range. This is very handy to deactivate the device in situations that don’t require bass restoration, like spoken word for example.

But that’s not all, because as much as you can remove bass boosting, you can also increase it. Indeed, by removing the casing you can reach the inner controls of the device and get the low rumble to max out matching your stereo’s speakers.

Speaking of tone-shaping capabilities, you also have on top of the unit a control named “Wide” and another named “Sweep”. These work as para-bass controls and adjust the center frequency as well as the width of bass processing. In other words, you can choose how much of what frequency you want to boost. The higher you set the Wide control, the more frequencies you’ll boost at once.

Finally, connection-wise, this unit is very simple to install, you have two RCA-ready inputs and outputs as well as the remote control input, and the input for the power and grounding.

If you are looking for a bass restoration processor that can simply deliver big tones, can be fine-tuned, and is utterly reliable, you have to check the Epicenter before buying anything else.

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Runner Up

Soundstream BX-20Z Reconstruction Processor

Going past the mesmerizing silver spider on top of this reconstruction processor, what you can find inside is just as menacing as what is found outside. Indeed, the power hidden under the hood in this unit is enough to change the sound of your stereo drastically.

To begin with, this unit can restore frequencies going as low as 10Hz which is extremely sub-low territory. If you happen to have a big subwoofer, something like 15” or 18”, you’ll generate some serious rumble around you.

This is a clean rumble since you can ground the unit and choose between balanced and unbalanced signals as well as the output voltage. This way, you’ll only add lows to the mix and none of the noises and other disturbances that come with it.

Speaking of the mix, the Sweep and Wide controls allow you to contour and fine-tune the audio you feed to your subwoofers. Likewise, you can control the PFM Subsonic Filter and the Bass Level from the included remote control that can be attached right next to the stereo or the steering wheel.

Finally, this unit can be a game-changer for those who want to give a menacing touch to their rides.

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Also Great

Cerwin Vega CVM2 Digital Bass Enhancer

Cerwin Vega is a brand that has collected a legion of fans worldwide for selling affordable cutting-edge technology. This bass maximizer and processor with a built-in amplifier is just another jewel to the crown ready to grow the brand’s reputation further.

To begin with, this is not just a processor you need to connect to an amplifier for your subwoofers. This is a stand-alone unit that can drive your subwoofers revamping your entire sound system. In other words, with just the CVM2 and a pair of subwoofer speakers, you’re ready to go.

Also, this is a very simple device to connect to your existing system because it just requires a ground connection and DC power. Other than that, the unit features RCA balanced inputs & outputs, and the dash remote input. It is also important to notice that the fuse is placed in a very handy spot for quick replacements.

The controls at hand to navigate the lower frequencies in your stereo are a master volume (don’t forget it’s an amplifier too) and the known Sweep and Wide controls. Furthermore, to make controls easier, this unit comes with a remote that can be installed next to the driver and allows volume and filter tweaking for the best results.

This is a simple, reliable, great-sounding amplifier and bass processor that can change your stereo system.


Audiotek AT-AP100 Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor

Oozing a frequency response range that goes from 10Hz to 10000Hz, nothing escapes this car audio digital bass processor. Moreover, the fine-tuning capabilities allow you to dial the exact amount of bass volume in the exact frequency you want to restore.

This is because the Wide and Sweep controls in this unit are made to be surgically precise. For example, if you want to highlight the kick drum while driving, you can just adjust the filter for 30Hz and then add to the volume knob until you dial in exactly what you need; nothing more or less.

In the same vein, with a cranked Wide knob, you’ll not only get the frequency you’re after (30Hz in our example) but also the surrounding ones. This way, you can highlight the kick drum and give more presence to whatever else is in that sonic space; it could be a bass or a synth line.

All of this fine tweaking can be done from the apparatus itself while checking the lights for Bass, Max, and Control. Also, for volume changes only, the unit features a dash mount handy remote controller that can be installed right next to you.

This might be the perfect choice for the car audio aficionado on a budget who made an investment in subwoofers and want to get the most out of them.


Blaupunkt EP1600X

Blaupunkt is a German brand that has been making top-notch audio equipment for the past 100 years. As you would expect, their version of the digital bass processor is among the best in the market without the hefty price tag.

To begin with, the connections are very easy since the unit only requires a ground and a DC connection, and a music source. Speaking of which, the balanced RCA connectors are very common in other audio equipment as well as noise-free. This surely helps the unit keep the signal-to-noise ratio under 130dB.

Moreover, the noise rejection of the balanced inputs is >60dB and the frequency response is as broad as the complete spectrum of the human ear: 10Hz to 20 kHz. This can be translated as a no-boundaries approach to the lower registers. In other words, this unit is capable of feeding super-low frequencies to your favorite subwoofers and making the Earth rumble under your tires.

Speaking of which, with a dedicated remote control to install inside the cockpit and Sweep and Wide controls to make specific adjustments, you can dial in the bass level you need when you need it. Furthermore, if you have a sound system with enough channels you can even use this bass reconstruction processor to optimize your stereo and achieve surround sound inside your vehicle.

Blaupunkt did it again; if you haven’t already, give this German brand a try.


Audiobank ABAP15 Restoration & Crossover for Car Subwoofer

Last but not least, this model by Audiobank is the perfect choice for the car audio aficionado on a budget who wants to enhance the low-end of the sound system. In this vein, you might have a pair of state-of-the-art subwoofers installed, but without one of these, they can’t play what’s not in the audio source.

This is, perhaps, the best asset of this Audiobank model: it goes down to 10Hz and can recreate the original bass frequencies faithfully thanks to the groundbreaking AI algorithm. Indeed, the level of accuracy achieved by Audiobank in this regard is second to none, at least, on this list.

Also, you can manage that surgically-precise bass frequency from the cockpit because the remote control offers a volume knob. This translates into full control over the low frequencies which can also mean removing them completely from the mix when you are listening, for example, to your favorite podcasts.

Finally, connection-wise, this unit is as simple as it gets and features balanced RCA connections keeping noise levels super low while retaining clarity and punch.

This is a great candidate for bass lovers on the move who miss the low end of records played at home.

What is bass restoration?

The lower frequencies are removed in the mixing process in most commercially-oriented music. This is because you need to have a decent pair of subwoofers to reproduce those frequencies; otherwise, they just add mud to the mix.

But what happens if you do have a stereo system with a state-of-the-art subwoofer section? Well, regardless of how powerful your sound system is it can never play something that simply isn’t there.

This is exactly where digital bass restoration comes in. These devices build the missing signal digitally so you can bring the party to the party by pumping the drum kick below 100 Hz.

See more bass restoration FAQs.

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