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We’ve all experienced deformed speakers which lead to noise and production of distorted sound. It happens to someone who blares their music at any significant number of decibels.

In most cases, car speakers might blow from thermal failure that causes it to overheat, which might burn the voice coil, mechanical failure when the speaker’s cone is displaced, loud high volume over a long period, or simply from aging or low-quality speakers.

Are you wondering how to fix your blown car speakers without necessarily being an engineer if this happens to you? Here is the article that you should read. I’ll show you how to fix your car speakers by yourself in 9 easy steps.

Step 1. Remove the Speaker

Using a ratchet with a seven-millimeter socket or screwdriver loosen the mounting screws. Carefully open the closure. Turn off your speaker’s power supply then unplug all connected wires into the speaker.

Step 2. Remove the Surroundings

You can do this using either of these two ways:

  • Using a knife stab a point through the speaker’s old foam surround. Gradually tear the surround by hand from that hole. Be careful not to break the paper cone as you do so.
  • Use a knife to stab a point through the speaker’s old foam. This is a better and simpler approach.

Step 3. Take off the Cone, Voice Coil, and Old Glue

Using a knife, remove the cone of your speaker. Remove the attached voice coil from your speaker. Before doing so, ensure the terminal wires are all disconnected. Then use your knife or sandpaper to scour the old glue leftovers.

Step 4. Clean the Speakers

Use a gentle cloth to clean the dirt off the central area and the edges. You may need to use a compressed air cleaner to absolutely blow away all the dust. For old speakers, clean your speakers with a smooth brush.

Step 5. Assemble the New Voice Coil

Replace your old voice coil with a new one. Simply put it back in the position where your old coil used to be.

Step 6. Assemble the New Speaker Cone

Place your new cone onto your voice coil. Make sure you add some glue to the fresh cone before doing so. Allow a few minutes for the glue to get dry.

Step 7. Assemble the New Surrounding

Put your new surround to the place where the old one used to be. Don’t forget to add some glue. Then you allow a couple of minutes to make the glue dry. Proper drying makes the bonding tight and long-lasting.

Step 8. Return Fixed Speaker to your car

Make sure your speaker’s repair was completed correctly. Connect all the wires back and then screw all the fastener bolts to make your speakers firm in position.

Step 9. Test the Fixed Speaker

Once done with the repair, you may want to test and be sure everything is working properly. You can do this by first, testing your speakers at a low volume, and then slowly increase the volume while listening to any changes. With the proper repair, your speakers should be working properly. In case your speakers are still not working as anticipated, seek your mechanical professional assistance.


You don’t have to be an engineer to learn how to repair your broken voice speaker or how to make your car speakers sound better. Just follow this guide, and I’m sure you’ll be able to deal with your issues. You can still seek assistance from an experienced person to reduce any difficulties with your fixing process. It is equally important to learn how to protect your car speakers. Some of the ways you can do to avoid blowing your car speakers are as follows:

  • Avoid turning on high volume
  • Check regularly if the speakers are working properly
  • Before purchasing your speakers, ensure they are of high quality
  • For small breakages, apply glue or tape to prevent further damages and the expenses of repair or buying a new one

You can also write your question on how to repair car speakers in the comments box below. I’ll get to you and fix your problem as soon as possible.

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