Though not a brand that forms immediately on casual mobile audio enthusiasts’ lips when asked about favorite manufacturers, Sundown Audio has been a force to be reckoned with in the competition subwoofer category for some time now. With the Z v.5 Series, Sundown set out to create “ultra-high-excursion” subwoofers boasting such competition-worthy features as custom tooled and patented frames, triple-stacked motor structures, hyper-extended poles with extreme clearances and more.


  • Extreme power handling capability
  • Hits hard at low frequencies
  • Available in 10-, 12-, 15- and 18-inch sizes


  • Demands high-performance alternator and battery systems
  • Requires massive amounts of current from an amp to run sufficiently
  • Depending on vehicle, may require sacrificing all trunk space to accommodate proper enclosure


While it sounds like we’ve been painting the perfect picture of the Z v.5 Series’ capabilities, there are a few elements you should be made aware of if this is your first foray into ultra-high-performance mobile sound.

To begin with, these subs demand copious amounts of good, clean, honest current from a reputable amp (or a few); what’s more, you need to make sure your vehicle’s alternator and battery systems are up to snuff in order to send efficient power to those amplifiers, as the Sundown subs redefine the meaning of “power-hungry.”

Also – depending on the kind of vehicle you drive or enter into competitions, the cargo space required of the enclosures these woofers belong in may be inappropriate. Indeed, to say they demand a plethora of room to pound their best is something of an understatement.

But if you can check all these boxes, Sundown’s subs will treat you with high output, linear suspension, stitched-on double-extra-large tinsel leads to prevent fatigue and failure and a myriad of other benefits.

At the top of the food chain, these beasts will take 2,000 watts continuous courtesy of their heavily vented magnetic gap, optimized high-velocity pole vents and innovative high-velocity vented frame spacer rings, to say nothing of their black aluminum three-inch voice coil formers for superior heat dissipation.

Compared to the Z v.4 Rev.2, Sundown increased the thickness of the magnet ID shorting ring by 33-percent to further reduce static inductance and inductive distortion.

And this is merely scratching the surface of the Z v.5 Series’ potential. Be sure to check other top car subwoofers we also reviewed.

Features & Specifications

  • Max Power Output: N/A
  • RMS Power Output: 2,000 watts
  • Woofer Size: 10-, 12-, 15-, 18-inch
  • Frequency Response: 27.4Hz
  • Ported Enclosure Recommendation: 4.25 cu. ft.; sealed enclosure not recommended
  • Displacement: 0.25 cu. ft.
  • Displacement: 0.25 cu. ft.
  • Outside Diameter: 15.51-inches
  • Cutout: 13.83-inches
Vincent Talbot

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