If you have a Pioneer car stereo fitted inside your vehicle, you are probably aware of the number of settings it features, that can be altered to make the experience of listening to music in your car more satisfying. However, it is possible that exactly due to that reason, you might want to reset the stereo back to factory settings. Maybe you have tweaked many different settings and are still not satisfied with the sound? A reset might be your fastest way back to the start.

Alternatively, a reset of the stereo can prove to be the easiest fix for small malfunctions of your sound system. Do you wonder how to reset the Pioneer car stereo? The process is a rather easy one, and the correct guidance can be performed in a matter of minutes. Keep on reading this tutorial to find out the three available methods of resetting your Pioneer car stereo.

Resetting your Pioneer car stereo

Method 1 – Pioneer DEH

This is the fastest and simplest method of resetting your   . There are different ways of achieving it depending on the model.

For DEH models follow this tutorial:

Step 1: Press and hold the “SRC” button on the unit until the stereo goes into the “Demo” mode.

Step 2: Press and hold the large selector button until the “Menu” selection appears on the LCD.

Step 3: Turn the selector button until the “Initial” option comes onto the display. Press the selector button to select the option.

Step 4: Turn the selector button again until the “System Reset” option comes up on the LCD. Press the selector button to select the option. The stereo will then start the reset process.

Tip: Check out this tutorial on YouTube for visual help:

Certain models, such the AVH have a different way of achieving this.

Method 1a – Pioneer AVH

Step 1: Tap the gear settings symbol in the top right corner of the touchscreen.

Step 2: Tap the “wrench and screwdriver” setting symbol on the touchscreen

Step 3: Scroll down and find the “Restore Settings” option. Select it to restore settings on your AVH Pioneer stereo.

Tip: Check out this tutorial on YouTube for help

Method 2

If the use of the front buttons is not viable for some reason, this second method can be used to reset your Pioneer stereo.

Step 1: Remove the front face-plate panel of your Pioneer car stereo in a careful way, by pressing the face-plate removal button.

Step 2: Find the small reset button labeled as “reset”.

Step 3: Using a screwdriver, pin or any suitable small tool, press and hold the small reset button for 5 seconds, until the unit resets. Again, do not press on the button too hard. It can break the stereo!

Step 4: Replace the face-plate.

Method 3

This method is the last resort, and usually shouldn’t be necessary. Resetting of the stereo can be accomplished by temporarily disconnecting the car power.

Step 1: Pop the hood of your car.

Step 2: Use a wrench to disconnect the negative terminal from your battery.

Step 3: Wait for 30 seconds, then replace the terminal.

This method resets the car’s computer and, at the same time, will wipe the memory of the chip inside your car stereo. This method should only be used as a last resort. In most cases, the first two methods will suffice.


These are the 3 methods that can be used to reset your Pioneer car stereo. The reset feature is powerful if used wisely and can come in handy in many scenarios. If you’re in need of any more assistance, please leave a comment below. We will be more than happy to help you.

Things to remember

Method 1

For DEH Models

Press and hold “SRC” button until “Demo” mode switches on
Press and hold selector button until “Menu” appears on LCD
Turn the selector button to select “Initial” option and press the button to choose the option
Turn the selector button to select “System Reset” and press the selector button to start reset

For AVH Models

Press the Gear symbol in the top right corner
Select the Wrench and Screwdriver setting symbol on the list
Scroll down the list to find and select “Restore Settings”

Method 2

Pop the front panel off with the use of the right button
Locate the reset button
Press and hold for 5 seconds
Replace the front panel

Method 3

Pop the hood
Remove the negative terminal from the battery
Replace the terminal after 30 seconds

Vincent Talbot