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If you’re looking for wiring diagrams with color codes for your Kenwood car stereo, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide you with wiring diagrams of the Kenwood KMM-BT328U single din unit, Kenwood DMX7706S, and DDX376BT the double din units.

Although most Kenwood head units have the same wiring diagrams we advise you to check the dedicated manual for your model, as we did for these models.

Kenwood KMM-BT328U (Single-DIN)

16-pin wiring diagram and color codes

The following models can also be used with this wiring diagram: KMM-BT728HD/KMM-X704/KMM-BT328U/KMM-BT328/KMM-BT260U/KMM-BT228U/KMR-M328BT. Source.

We recommend installing the unit with a commercially available custom wiring harness specific to your car.

kenwood kmm bt328u single din  16 pin wiring diagram and color codes
Kenwood KMM-BT328U wiring diagram

To front speaker (left): White (+), White/black (-)
To front speaker (right): Gray (+), Gray/black (-)
To rear speaker (left): Green (+), Green/black (-)
To rear speaker (right): Purple (+), Purple/black (-)
Red (Ignition wire)
Yellow (Battery wire)
Black (Ground wire)
Brown (Mute control wire)
Blue/White (Power control wire/ Antenna control wire) (12 V 350 mA)
Light blue/yellow (Steering remote control wire)

Kenwood DMX7706S (Double DIN)

20-pin wiring diagram and color codes

These color codes can be used with these models also: DDX6906S/ DDX6706S/ DDX5706S/ DMX706S/ DMX7706S. In the wiring terms, everything is the same as the 16-pin color diagram from above. We’re gonna list only the remaining wires/colors. Source.

Purple/White (Reverse sensor wire) (2 m) –
Orange/White (Dimmer control wire)
Blue (Antenna control wire)
Light Green (Parking sensor wire)

Kenwood DMX7706S Double DIN 20-pin wiring diagram and color codes
Kenwood DMX7706S wiring diagram

Kenwood DDX376BT

Wiring diagram and color codes

This wiring diagram can be used also for DDX396, DDX376BT, DDX276BT, DDX26BT, and DDX419BT.

Kenwood DDX376bt wiring diagram
Kenwood DDX376bt wiring diagram

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