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Most Kenwood audio products come at a mid-range cost. Moreover, they provide a quality sound with consistent performance. The same goes for its speakers. They are great stock replacements and aftermarket options due to their reasonable prices, good performance, and reliable, long-lasting use.

If you are interested in Kenwood car speakers and want to buy them but don’t know where to look and how to find one, this review post can be a good start for your search.

Here, we will briefly review three of the most popular Kenwood car speaker series: Performance Series, D-Series, and Sports Series.

Kenwood Performance Series

Kenwood KFC-P710PS 280 Watts...

Performance Series is the most comprehensive Kenwood car speaker series. As the name suggests, Kenwood has developed these speakers to put up the performance that any car owner expects from their aftermarket replacements.

Component options

Coaxial options

Boasts Variety in Every Sense of the Word

Kenwood Performance series is like a good car audio shop where you can find a good variety of speakers for your vehicle. For instance, you can find speakers of almost all sizes in this series— from 4” to 6×8” and 6×9”.Then, there are both component and coaxial Performance series speakers.

The Performance coaxial speakers further branch out into 2-way, 4-way, and even 5-way options. All these options are primarily available in round and oval shapes.

Overall, Performance Series boasts better peak and RMS power ratings than the rest of Kenwood speakers. On top of that, you can find a good variety with power ratings as well. For instance, the Performance model KFC-P510PS is a component speaker that offers 45W RMS output.

On the other hand, KFC-1396PS is of the same size but offers a 75W RMS output. Since it is Performance series, you can also find performance-driven power speakers with RMS output as high as 180W.

Most Performance speakers boast factory fitting installation. However, there are some options for custom fitting as well.

Standout Features

These are some standout features of the Kenwood Performance Series.

  • Woofer Cones with Diamond Array Pattern: This pattern/design improves sound quality and reduces distortion.
  • Sound Field Enhancer: Kenwood has designed the tweeter shape as such that it produces a booming frontward sound along with a wider sound field at frequencies higher than 5 kHz.
  • Acoustic Sound Harmonizer: It is a liaison between woofer and tweeter in coaxial speakers that filters sound waves/frequencies coming from the woofer and only lets specific frequencies pass through the tweeter panel for ensuring smooth and natural sound production.
  • Swivel Tweeter: In Performance Series component speakers, you get swivel dome tweeters that you can adjust to create the sound field in the desired direction.


With a variety of options, Performance Series also boasts an extended price range. You can find Kenwood Performance speakers at a price point starting from $50 and going up to $150.

Kenwood D Series

Kenwood KFC-D161 6.5 Inch...

Kenwood D Series is pretty similar to Performance Series options with some distinctions. For instance, they are not as widely available as Performance speakers due to their limited distribution. Like its distribution, D Series also has a limited number of models. Here, you won’t find a variety of Performance Series.

Coaxial options

A Good Assortment of Coaxial Speakers

D Series is all about coaxial car speakers. There is no component model here to choose from. So, for all those users who just want to sift through coaxial options and don’t get spoiled with component choices, the D Series is the category to explore. From 4” to 6×9”, you will find coaxials in all sizes.

You can also find both 2 and 4-way coaxial models in this series. Like size, you can also find a good variety of outputs in D Series coaxial speakers. There are 50W RMS as well as 140W RMS speakers in the same series. Also, the available sizes are not just for factory fittings. You can also get options for aftermarket modifications.

If you are looking to buy coaxial options for front, rear, and door speaker replacements in different power outputs, shapes, and sizes, you can find all of them in the D series.

Construction Features Similar to Performance Series

When it comes to distinctive features, D Series speakers are similar to Performance series options. Like coaxial Performance models, all D Series speakers have diamond array design on woofer cones, tweeters with sound field enhancing design, and acoustic sound harmonizers.


Kenwood D Series also boasts a wide price range. You can find options at $30 as well as around $100. The price is contingent on the size and power of the given model.

Kenwood Sports Series

Kenwood KFC-6966S 6 x 9 Inch...

Kenwood has introduced its Sports Series for all those car owners looking for budget-friendly stock speaker replacements. Therefore, the Series only features coaxial and dual cone (single driver) options. Since Sport Series are primarily for stock replacement, you won’t find any custom-fitting option here. Also, the best RMS output option you can find here is 45W while most D series speakers produce 30W RMS.

Sports Series provides a speaker for almost all stock fitting sizes. Whether it is a 4” door or 6×9” dash speaker replacement, you will find a Sports Series option for it.

Coaxial options

Standout Features

Despite being budget models, Kenwood Sports Series speakers boast some standout features.

  • Sound Field Enhancer: Like other Kenwood series, these speakers also feature a sound field enhancer design.
  • Enlarged Magnet Circuit: All Kenwood Sports Series speakers feature enlarged magnet circuits. They ensure that the speaker produces a clearer sound. As a result, users find Sports Series an improvement on their stock speakers despite having similar RMS output and size.


Kenwood Sports Series are pocket-friendly speakers. All of them lie below the $50 line, which is pretty reasonable for stock replacements. It won’t be wrong to say that low price is also one of the standout features of Kenwood Sports Series speakers.

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