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What Gauge Wire Do I Need For Amp? EXPLAINED!

The Formula on How to Find What Gauge Wire for the Amp?

If you like music, and installing your own audio systems in your vehicle you will need to do a little math, unfortunately. Armed with a simple formula you can be sure that your system will not be restricted because the … Read more

Coaxial vs. Component Car Speakers – The Full Explanation

Coaxial vs. Component Car Speakers – The Full Explanation

In the competitive world of car audio, most enthusiasts immediately envision walls of high-powered amplifiers and boxes of ridiculously oversized subwoofers that require a small-town power substation to run. And while these aspects of car audio – especially in sound-off … Read more

What Size Speakers Are In My Car?

Car Speakers Sizes Chart [Standard Sizes]

Before you start the process of upgrading your vehicle’s audio, you will need to make sure that you’ve got everything figured out about your existing setup. In simple words, you must know “what size speakers are in your car?” Otherwise, … Read more