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What does “H/W ERROR” mean on a JVC radio?

What does “H/W ERROR” mean?

A JVC radio may display the H/W error when its Bluetooth connectivity is not working. By doing a factory reset, most car owners succeed in fixing this error.

H/W Error on JVC Radio Means Its Bluetooth Is Not Working

Many times a BT-enabled JVC radio works perfectly fine until users activate its Bluetooth mode to connect their devices. Instead of establishing the BT connection, the stereo displays “H/W Error” on its screen.

It essentially shows that the Bluetooth transmitter and receiver component of the radio is not in working condition at the moment.

We need to mention here that JVC radio talks about how to fix H/W error but doesn’t expand on why it happens in the first place. The good news is that a H/W error is not a serious car radio fault. You can easily deal with it on your own.

How to Fix H/W Error on a JVC Radio

Fixing H/W error on a JVC radio entails the simplest solution. All you need to do is reset the unit and turn it on again.

In most cases, the reset will automatically fix the H/W error. If this factory reset doesn’t work, you should unplug the battery cable from the radio and re-plug it after a couple of minutes, and turn on your radio again.

If neither of these fixes works, consult your nearest JVC service center.

Vincent Talbot